CBS in TGT leads to some nice profits for TraderHank

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  My play of the day on Monday 7/21 was in TGT which I found while doing my 9:45 am wide range bar scans.  TGT sold off hard into lunch time putting in 7 red bars on the 15 minute chart.  A textbook climatic type sell off which could be played long for a Pristine trained trader.  As price put in a classic W pattern on the 5 minute chart just as lunch was ending I found myself taking a base breakout type entry long, full share size.  I just about got .10 cents out of the play but I was wiggled out of a few shares before.  10 cents does not sound like a lot, but when you are trading against the trend, you best to leave the party early!  A Nice full R profit on the play on a day that had few trading opportunities.     

TGT 07212014
TGT 07212014
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2 Responses to CBS in TGT leads to some nice profits for TraderHank

  1. rod says:

    Do you/ have you thought about recording your screen while you trade?


    • TraderHank says:

      I’ve thought about it and I’m sure I’ll attempt to do it in the future. It’s a bit of a challenge when you have four monitors and only one monitor would be recorded…

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