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Well, the only stock that seemed to come through for me was FSLR which I found as a Tier III Gap down as earnings were announced earlier.  I don't read the news, so I cannot tell you if the news was good nor bad, I just read the chart, and FSLR was headed lower.  I did not take the 5 minute low because FSLR was barely a Tier III gap, many would argue with me that it did not score, but with the market gapping, makes the short play much more potent.  I found myself unlucky with my other gap play in ANF with a scratch play but noticed that FSLR was setting up a nice 5 minute sell setup which I took advantage of to get my play going lower.  I had huge targets lower since FSLR was below all daily pivot areas and the Fib levels were much lower.  I entered the play at 51.05 and watch price hit two of my targets at 50.23 and 50.12 where I unloaded about 2/3rds of my shares.  I had hoped that FSLR would rally up to set up a 2nd sell but this would not be the case as price just continued upward where I finally felt it was time to exit the play at 51.18.  Nice win to start the day...

Over noon, I got a 2nd chance to short FSLR after it's long rally up which never came close the the day's high.  Price had sold off rather nicely for 30 minutes and I knew that I had to wait for a pull back before I could enter my play.  At about 12:45 pm a short had triggered which I entered at 51.72.  I had to wait for about 10 minutes before price started to head lower.  I was able to cover shares 20 minutes later at 50.89, then price popped almost making me want to cover the remaining shares, but I wanted to see where the next pivot would form.  Price finally rolled over again but price had rally too far in order to add shares to my play.  Soon price sold off hard again then setup another 5 minute sell setup near 2:15 pm reversal time where I was able to add more shares at 50.87 and reduce my stop.  Price moved lower again rather nicely and I was able to cover shares at 50.23 and held the rest of my shares to the end of the day and finally covering my final shares @ 50.26  Two great trades which made my day worth while for a Friday trading day with very light volume...

FSLR 11072014
FSLR 11072014
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