ALL finally got the job done!

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I was upset with myself early for choosing ALL over MOS, MOS had the better looking chart but I became impatient as ALL setup first.  As my trade in ALL went sideways, MOS went 3 “Risk” units rather easily, I only could watch in envy!  One thing you have to remember when trading is that if you are trading in the direction of the overall market, you can be a very poor chart reader and you will still make money as the odds are in your favor that your stock will move in the direction of the overall market 80% of the time.  Well, ALL finally heard my screams and moved lower rather nicely to my first 3 “Risk” unit target @ 68.46 where I was able to cover 1/3rd of my shares.  I covered another 1/3rd at .56 and looked to add back and reduce my stop.  35 minutes later I was able to add to my play short but unfortunately I was soon stopped as price headed above my break even stop with my last 1/3rd + my add.  The add and reduce plays don’t always work, but when they do…  OMG!

All 01062014

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