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As a Pristine Trained Trader I have decided to start using their scoring system on my plays to reinforce my chosen method for trading equities.  Since I no longer use moving averages, which you need for a location item, @ R20ma and the PBZ, I will replace both of these by giving 10 points if my play has a void, and 10 points for a 3 to 1 Risk to Reward Ratio.  I will also give 10 points if the play comes from a strategy.  Last but not least, I’ve added points for my Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III gaps, which are Pristine’s mortgage type gaps.  Here is how my update point system will work:

Strategy – 10 Points

Buy/Sell Entry Patterns – 20 Points

Bull/Bear Event Add-ons – all get 10 points Bull/Bear Location Add ons 10pts.

(BT/TT) Bottoming Tail, Topping Tail   mS – Minor Support

+-COG (Change of Guard)   MS – Major Support

NRB/NB (Narrow Range Bar/ Narrow Body) +-40/60 – Fib retracement

+-Vol (Volume)  UTL – Up trend line

RT – Reversal Time DTL – Down trend Line

RR – Risk to Reward = 3-1 V – Void

SA – Sector Alignment A&R – Add and Reduce stop

180 – Bull/Bear 180

V –  Void – 10 pts

A&D – 10 pts- add and reduce – add shares to the current position and reduce the stop                      (keeping the same risk on the play

Gaps: Tier I – 30 pointsTier II – 20 pointsTier III – 10 points

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