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  I took off last week from my equity trading to go through Marc Nicolas' week long Options boot camp.  This was an intense week of learning Options at a mastery level.  I thought I had come into this week with a thorough knowledge of Marc's strategies but I found myself lost at times.  I had to go back and listen to Marc's Master weekly options class videos that he made live just before Easter to fully understand and remind myself what Marc's trading strategies are.  Now I have to go back through and listen to all of the 5 day's of the boot camp to get a better understanding of the key Options strategies that were used live during the boot camp.  Not a problem because Marc's team does an excellent job recording the classes and making them available to their students.  

I've come so far in such a short time starting my journey in October 2014 to present.  I started with the basics taught over at, signed up for their trading platform at, went through Dough's doughjo learning options basics.  I found Marc soon after and since he reads charts using support and resistance, like I do, and Marc was willing and able to show his P & L on a daily basis, I soon felt that this is the guy that I need to learn from.  For me, Marc is Options learning on steroids.  I started with Marc by opting in on his web site locating at which allowed them to invite me to many of their free online seminars and educational events.  I was then offered to sign up for their Daily Analysis using their DTZ zones on 10 markets for 6 months, along with their Options Wealth Videos #1 and #2 all for $497.  Guy's this is the cheapest education that I've ever paid for and this year I've moved up to sign up for Marc's 360 Trading Mastery which includes 3 boot camps during my 12 month Mastery and 3 days of trading live with Marc each and every week over the next 12 months.  The 360 mastery is relatively cheap compared with a weekend course that ends in 2 days, with Marc you get him 3 days a week plus everything you need to become successful trading Options, all the tools, videos, live instruction, etc. etc.

Traders by nature are true believers and can easily be scammed by unscrupulous individuals.  All I've ever wanted from a mentor is the truth, and with Marc Nicolas that is exactly what you get...

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6 Responses to Day Trading Zones 360 Mastery

  1. Samer says:

    Hi Trader Hank,

    Many thanks for this review! I always follow your blog and know that you are a Pristine-trained trader.

    Does the methodology of Daytrading Zones rely on shorting option spreads in the direction of break-downs and break-outs?

    Many thanks again and good trading!


    • TraderHank says:

      Thank’s for the Question Samer,
      When you say shorting options spreads, I would imagine that you are referencing selling the options spreads. This is a big part of what Marc teaches as he believes that 80% of your portfolio should be in out of the money plays generating weekly and monthly income. When trading options and looking at charts, you cannot forget your Pristine education, and I’ve learned to use it to my advantage. The additional tools that Marc provides like the DTZ and the Full Pro tool are surprisingly accurate and have been a tremendous help as well. To answer your question, I’m more of a pull back trader vs. a breakout or breakdown player. You can trade all of the options strategies that Marc teaches using all of the Pristine patterns. As for me, I try to follow the direction of the 60 minute chart, Rising 20 ma I’m looking to sell put credit spreads at or near the 20 ma, Declining 20 ma I’m looking to sell call credit spreads at or near the 20 ma. I’m also using debit spreads for directional plays as Marc teaches, a lot of good stuff here that I know is making me a much better Pristine trained trader…

  2. LearningTrader says:

    Hi Hank

    Nice review. Thanks for the insight. I’m also following the DayTradingZones free webinars and thinking of taking $497 package. I went through the reviews on Investimonials and many say, Marc is rude and its hard to understand etc.. I just want to know how is your experience since you put in the review ? Did you complete the 360 Mastery program? Did you benefit ? How is your overall experience from Jun 2015 till April 2016 ?

    Thanks again for sharing this.

    • TraderHank says:

      Thanks for asking LearningTrader, I’m just coming to my year end with Marc’s 360 program and I’ve become a totally different trader as a result of mentoring with Marc Nicolas and Kevin Stuart. I’ve learned so much and so fast as a new options trader that I feel the whole education was worth it, especially the $497 beginning offer. The $497 is a must and should take you several months to digest all of the material before you decide to do anything else with Marc. As for me and the changes I’ve made with my trading are, I no longer trade stocks, I no longer have a 100 stock universe, I now just trade the Emini S&P and I trade SPY options. I’ve made it easy on myself and the frustration has left my trading. I’ve been making money everyday now, just trading the Emini, and my options trading is starting to become profitable as well, but I do need some more work with my options trades. Marc has forced me to pay attention to Support and Resistance like no other instructor has and I believe that this has made the difference for me. To be honest with you, I don’t even use the day trading zones, nor the full pro tool that I purchased with Marc’s 360 mastery. I don’t need it because of knowing the Pristine method which I believe is the best way to read charts, but Marc has fantastic results with his tools that I feel it was worth my time to attempt to use his tools, which I did for 8+ months, before realizing my method was already superior for me. This may not be your experience because all traders read charts differently and Marc’s tools just might be the extra juice that your trading needs to become super profitable. All in all, I happy to have had the chance to be mentored by Marc and Kevin…

      • LearningTrader says:

        Thank you for the detailed reply. It will help a lot in making the decision . Currently Marc is offering only back ratio mastery and game plan class along with 4 month weekly chart blast . It doesn’t include the iron condor back ratio class . Do Marc show you how to adjust the options if it’s under threat ? Do you think the pro tool is the only thing you need in chart ?

        Thanks again for all your help

        • LearningTrader says:

          Sorry forgot to ask –

          Currently Marc is offering only back ratio mastery and game plan class along with 4 month weekly chart blast . It doesn’t include the iron condor back ratio class . Is that sufficient ? What other classes are needed to gain the confidence . I think the most important in options trading is to adjust the spread . Do you buy just calls and puts for spy or spreads ?

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