A look at my options plays for the week of June 14th-20th

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  Below is my current options positions which are few as many of my credit spreads profited last week.  I'm off to a slow start due to the FOMC announcement on Wednesday.  Hopefully, I can find some spreads by late Wednesday or Thursday.  I'm still looking to sell another Call credit spread in BABA but the price action is been so weak there has not been a rally to sell.  I've been waiting for an hourly sell setup without much luck in BABA.

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options portolio 06162015
options portolio 06162015

Here are my options watch for the week:

SPY - 213.58 I'll be looking to place a Call Credit Spread (CCS)

          210.58 looking for a CCS

          206.00 I'll be looking for a Put Credit Spread (PCS)

AAPL - 127.59 CCS

120.00 PCS

AMZN - 393.54 PCS

NFLX -   634.00 PCS

575.93 PCS

GOOGL- 607.95 CCS

546.00-543.00 CCS

TLT -  121.18 CCS

115.00 PCS

I'll be looking to place options trades if price hits the areas mentioned above... 

I have no potential trades this week in Forex due to FOMC and the Greek problem... 

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